About Us


Rothelowman's interior design specialists create considered and intelligent environments for the commercial, residential, retail and hospitality sectors.
Adding lasting value, Rothelowman's interiors transform:

  • Mixed-use projects
  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Retail centres and showrooms
  • Residential projects 
  • Entertainment and hospitality venues
  • Public facilities and institutions

Whether designing new spaces or retrofitting established buildings, Rothelowman's interiors are crafted to satisfy the client’s vision and facilitate the lifestyle of the employees, residents and customers that will inhabit them.

Urban Design

Heavily involved in the processes of urban regeneration and growth, Rothelowman believes successful urban design connects people with place, facilitates desired activities and delivers a positive perception of the built environment.

When shaping cities and towns through work in master planning and precinct planning or developing design frameworks, Rothelowman embrace and seek to build on the existing complexity of our cities - to design environments that are sustainable, liveable, have an identity and are human.

Conducting extensive, strategic research into the demographic, socio economic and environmental attributes and requirements of urban areas, Rothelowman delivers projects that enhance the urban experience. Rothelowman's urban design and planning skills include: developing master plans for urban precincts; mixed-use or residential estates; redeveloping mixed-use buildings; and urban regeneration.

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We work collaboratively with clients and consultants

What We Do

With over 140 employees spanning three states and multiple disciplines, Rothelowman is able to assemble a team of experts to specifically suit individual projects, delivering design solutions that respond effectively to each site, brief, budget and location.

Rothelowman has extensive experience in multiple building typologies including city centre high-rise, mixed-use towers, midrise multi-unit residential projects, interior refurbishments, new hotels, hospitality venues and major retail centres. The firm’s diverse portfolio is testament to Rothelowman's ability to deliver commercially successful, strikingly designed buildings.



Rothelowman believes good architecture is critical to the successful evolution of our cities. Our buildings are inspired by the existing context and seek to help define the future. Each building we conceive is an opportunity to respond intelligently to a unique set of circumstances and to improve and redefine the existing built environment. Our architecture is appealing, contemporary and enduring and is governed by principles of elegance, efficiency and sustainability.

Underpinning all of our designs is an advanced understanding of development economics and the way in which a design needs to respond to such criteria. Commercially astute, Rothelowman's projects have lasting appeal to investors, buyers, tenants and visitors.

In the marketplace, good quality design is proven to hold its value longer and has better capital growth.

Shane Rothe

Founding Principal and Director Rothelowman